Head TF Network FAQ

Sectioning: How do I set up electronic sectioning? How do my students access it?

Everything you need is found here.

Classrooms: Where can I find extra classrooms for sections?

  • The Registrar’s office schedules about one third of the FAS classroom.  Contact information:  5-1541, classrms@fas.  See the Registrar’s website for more information.  

  • Some departments schedule their own classrooms. Contact your department administrator for information.

Useful tools for finding classroom:

ATG: Where can I get info on Academic Technology Group services?

Each undergraduate course in FAS has a Canvas website and access to online administrative and pedagogical tools for using that website in teaching. ATG provides support for Canvas, as well as other technologies that you might want to use in your course.

Libraries: What do the libraries offer with regard to course reserves?

The Library has a page on course reserves for faculty and instructors.

Demos: Where can I get help with demos for class or section?

Learn about the Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations group.  Contact information for the demo group can be found here.