Graduate Student Programs

The Bok Center promotes graduate student professional development in teaching, learning and scholarly communication through a variety of programs.

Pre-Semester Programs

The Bok Center sponsors a Fall Teaching Conference and Winter Teaching Week each year. These pre-semester conferences offer new TFs a chance to prepare for the semester, as well as for more experienced teachers and scholars to continue to develop their skills and to explore areas of interest in teaching and learning.

Bok Seminars 

Each Bok Seminar offers graduate students and scholars the opportunity to explore an area of interest in teaching and learning over multiple sessions. 

Professional Communication Program for International Teachers and Scholars

This program offers international graduate students, TFs and scholars the opportunity to develop their speaking, teaching and cultural skills for the Harvard environment. Bok seminars and workshops are offered in this program each term.

Teaching Certificate

The Teaching Certificate offers graduate students and teaching fellows a tangible marker of their ongoing development as teachers in higher education. The Certificate is given to students who have completed a meaningful combination of work in collaboration between the Bok Center and their own departments.

Lunchtime Workshops

The lunchtime teaching workshops are geared toward answering questions and tackling challenges you might encounter as a TF at Harvard.  

Departmental Teaching Fellows

The Departmental Teaching Fellows program appoints experienced and creative TFs and TAs to focus on enhancing teaching in their disciplines by consulting with their peers within departments, advising individual instructors, and creating training programs, workshops, seminars, and other teaching-related projects. Departmental TFs also benefit from the professional development they receive in the form of training and mentoring from the Bok Center, collaboration with their departmental faculty and administrators, and collaboration with one another on multidisciplinary projects. They help support a variety of our programs are a vital part of the Bok Center staff.