Fall Teaching Conference Workshop - Becoming a Critically Reflective Practitioner


Thursday, August 25, 2022, 10:15am to 11:15am


Harvard Hall

Pamela Pollock, Director of Professional Development, Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

We may wonder or worry about how we’re doing as teachers - but how do we know?! As scholars, we are always developing our research, but how do we think about learning and growing as a teacher? In this session, we will consider the nature of feedback as well as strategies for collecting it and using it to improve our practice. We will explore Stephen Brookfield’s lenses for reflective teaching - 1) self, 2) students, 3) colleagues, and 4) scholarship - to consider these questions and build our own toolkit for becoming critically reflective teacher-scholars.

This session is part of the Fall Teaching Conference, which is designed to prepare new and experienced graduate student teachers for their roles as Teaching Fellows in the FAS. Pre-registration is required. Learn more here.