Reflections on Ancient Lives

The Bok Center's Learning Lab is collaborating with Ancient Lives (ANE 103), a General Education class taught by Gojko Barjamovic in the Near Eastern Languages and Civilization department. The Learning Lab is providing support for incorporating new pedagogies of reflection by using audio, video, and imaging. The aim is to enhance students' learning experience by actively documenting and reflecting on the varied assignments of the course. Along with lectures and sections, students participate in two evening activities – a talk with the eminent scholar of Gilgamesh, and a cook-in where students prepare and enjoy a Mesopotamian meal following a recipe from 1700BCE – and group assignments that include casting, brewing beer, journalism, and drama. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to reflect on these various projects and document their reflections through video logs. As groups, they answer questions designed to help them reflect on their participation and contributions, helping them to understand how their varied experiences tie into the course and fulfill learning objectives. 

Developing a theatre assignment for Ancient Lives at the Learning Lab

This is a guest post from Bok center Learning Lab fellow Neelam Khoja

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