Help Us Think About the Return to In-Person Teaching

Every summer at the Bok Center we turn our thoughts to the next academic year. Last summer was an extraordinary time, as we worked together with you to figure out how best to prepare for the new demands of remote teaching. This summer also promises to be extraordinary, as we prepare to return to in-person teaching. While this transition might feel like a return to something familiar, it is also sure to present new challenges. Harvard’s classrooms may be the same, but we return to them changed in various ways by the pandemic—including by the new ways we have learned to teach, some of which we may wish to bring with us into our in-person seminars and lectures.

As we prepare for Fall 2021, we’re asking for your help. No one knows better than you do what you’ve learned, what excites you, and what concerns you as you prepare to go back into the classroom this fall. We would be grateful if you could take a few moments to share your thoughts with us as we develop programming and resources that will be most helpful to you in the return to in-person teaching.