Apply to Become a Departmental TF


  • Applicants must be eligible for TF or TA positions, either as GSAS students or otherwise.
  • At least several semesters of teaching experience, including some at Harvard College.
  • A reflective approach toward both their own teaching and toward the challenges of teaching within their disciplines and departments.
  • Past participation in teaching-related professional development, e.g., microteaching and/or having had a section videotaped, attending Bok Center seminars and workshops, publishing articles and/or presenting work on teaching, leading/mentoring other instructors, compiling a teaching portfolio, etc.
  • Endorsement of the candidate's application by the department (for all applicants) and the thesis advisor (for GSAS students).

To apply please contact Virginia Maurer at

Application Deadline : April 12th, 2017