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Teaching Practical Wisdom

In Plato’s dialogues we find the idea that virtue is a skill, a craft, an art of living. The knowledge of how to live well, in both a civic and an ethical sense, is not merely theoretical but also practical; it involves both knowing that and knowing how.

Teaching and Making

One of the highlights of a busy day yesterday at the Bok Center was an impromptu discussion with a few colleagues and student fellows about what I suppose one might call the ecology of making these days in the arts and humanities.


Navigating Culture at Harvard: An Intercultural Communication Workshop Series Part II

In order to create a space for Harvard’s international teachers and scholars to delve into the cultural complexities of communication, the Professional Communication Program for International Teachers and Scholars offered an Intercultural Communication Workshop Series in the Spring 2016 semester. This blog post is an overview of the final two sessions of the 4-part series (see Part I here!), which covered verbal and nonverbal forms of communication.